sasuke is a really really tragic character but hes also like the most ridiculous stupid character

- first he’s like hyped up as the hottest shit ever and he walks around like he’s hot shit and then he gets beaten in like every fight he takes part in and naruto always has to save him

- then he gets all angsty and forgets to cut his hair, resulting in this travesty


- and then he changes into this weird black onesie that makes him look like literally like a giant baby in giant oversized baby clothes

- dont even get me started on that one scene with the water tanks where he and naruto compare dick sizes figuratively and he gets even more angsty bc his figurative dick is smallimage


- then he puts on purple lipstick and turns into this gross creature, another travesty


- then throughout part ii he just sits in the darkness angsting and wearing an ugly deep v neck, the deepest v neck i’ve ever seen in my life

- then he gets like 10 OP power-ups at once and acts like he’s even hotter shit than before and still gets killed like twice by a rapping octopus

- and then finally after all the other shit he pulls aka trying to kill his teammates twice and crashing the kage summit he does this


- i can’t believe he’s real

- i can’t believe this is a real character someone wrote



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My favorite Gym leaders. I love their look in SS-HG.